TRIAS Solutions AG is a Liechtenstein-based security company that operates internationally. Legally independent company headquarters are also located in Austria and Switzerland.

Our values

TRIAS provides effective, efficient, customised and confidential investigation and security solutions at the highest level.

We combine years of international expertise with state-of-the-art technical solutions. Our clients are diverse and unique, and so too are our solutions, which we tailor to meet their specific needs.

The international TRIAS team of investigators, analysts, security experts, consultants and lawyers guarantees integrity, professionalism and loyalty.

We do not list any references. Disclosing out clients’ names would go against our commitment to strict confidentiality and also increase their security risk. We have no affiliations with or obligations to any specific provider of software, hardware or technical equipment.

At TRIAS Solutions, we provide our clients with completely objective and unbiased advice and support.

Trias Solutions - abstraktes Bild von Gold Stücken
Trias Solutions - abstraktes Bild von einer goldenen Gitterstruktur

Our management

The TRIAS team of experts is led by our two managing directors and founders Erich Gemeiner and Martin Karczynski.

As a lawyer, Erich Gemeiner and his firm have many years of international experience, in particular in the fields of business and criminal law for HNW clients.

Martin Karczynski is a certified security specialist and personal protection officer. He has many years of expertise working in crisis areas, dealing with international HNW clients and establishing security teams and plans.

We see it as our duty to provide only viable solutions to our clients and to decline any unrealistic requests.